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Examhq 11 Plus Maths Reviews

"Leading up to our son’s 11+ exams, we were keen for him to get some practice on real questions. We searched online and found many exam papers which was great. However the problem was that whilst some had answers, there were no good worked solutions. So wasn’t a real learning experience

So we signed up to examhq. We were very impressed with the selection of papers, but the best and most unique aspect were the detailed solutions . Really helpful for my son to understand how to do the complicated scholarship questions.

His weekly scores increased with the result that he was accepted into all the independent schools he applied to and received a scholarship to boot."

Qassim (Dad) and Hashim (Passed all 11+ Exams and Received Scholarship)

"We were looking for specific papers for a handful of schools our son was sitting and after trawling through numerous websites we came across Exam HQ.

 Very simple platform, had all the papers and answers we needed and the ease at which you can review the papers made our lives so much easier. We ended utilising other papers as well which meant we didn't need to source anymore. Very good value for money and helped our son get in to all the schools we sat.

Highly recommend."

Waquas (Dad) and Rayaan (Passed all 11+ Exams and Received Scholarship)

"Much to like about this site. Huge selection of schools and papers, helpfully ranked by difficulty, so the little man gets extended but not bewildered. Solutions are brilliant, shows the most approachable method to do the question. An outstanding resource, for less than the price of two hours tuition."

Tess (Dad) and Yusef (Passed all 11+ Exams and Received Multiple Scholarships)

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Happy Students

"ExamHQ made all the difference in preparing my son for his 11 plus exams. The volume of papers was amazing, and it left my son feeling confident going into it. I can’t recommend it enough; my son said doing all those papers and going through the solutions made him feel more confident about his exams."

Talib (Dad) and Raheem (Passed all 11+ Exams)