A Bit About Us


We’re two dads, a design engineer who studied Engineering at Oxford and a Hedge Fund trader who studied Maths at Cambridge

We’re both maths experts who have tutored hundreds to incredible success in the 11+ maths exam.

We became frustrated with exam mark schemes which are woefully inadequate in aiding children to achieve their considerable potential.

So, we built this database of answers that help children train their brains for the exam, so that they exceed their personal bests under exam pressure.

Children are often a lot more intelligent and perform better under pressure than we give them credit for.

They just need a little help from us to channel that intelligence in a way that helps them to perform when it matters. 

We have found that help is best provided by sharing solutions and methods to past paper questions.  Have a look at our samples and let us know what you think. 

What ended in 1896? 1895