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Dame Alice Owens
Dugdale Hill Lane
Potters Bar

T    01707 643441 
E    admin@damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk
W   damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk 
   https://www.facebook.com/Dame Alice Owens/

  • Headmistress: Mrs H Nemko
  • Type: Co-educational Independent day school
  • Number of pupils: Approx. 1428
  • Admissions:  Age 7+ (Year 3), Age 11+ (Year 7) and 13+ (Year 9), Sixth Form (including boarders): 16+ (Year 12)
  • Age: Range 11 to 18
  • ISI Report: Dame Alice Owens School Ofsted Report

Dame Alice Owens Entrance Exam Information

(from school website)

Children who wish to sit the Entrance Examination must live within one of our Local Priority Areas.  Registration takes place when children are in Year 5 and is open between mid-May and mid-June.  We are unable to consider any registration requests after the closing date for registration.  Please do not send in any supporting material of academic aptitude/ability as we are unable to take these into consideration. Letters/emails with exact timings and further details will be sent out before the end of the summer term.

The Governors’ Entrance Examination consists of three separate papers and are separated into Part I and Part II. These tests have been designed to identify the most able candidates and children of average or below average ability are likely to find them very difficult. The tests are considered to be valid, reliable and fair.

Part 1 – Verbal Reasoning –
This test takes approximately one hour to deliver and is provided by GL Assessment.  There are normally four test sessions spread throughout the day.

Part II – English and Mathematics (NB only children ranked in the top 325 of the Verbal Reasoning test will be invited to sit Part II)

English – A one hour comprehension paper which includes an extended writing piece – written internally
Mathematics – A one hour paper – written internally

Familiarisation Papers are available for all to view and additional sample papers are available to purchase. We strongly advise all children to look at these papers to familiarise themselves with the format of our tests.

Access Arrangements

Parents who may require us to make particular provision for the tests for their children must provide written evidence of their child’s normal way of working from their current school Headteacher.  This evidence must be sent by the deadline date as advised on the Test Registration Form.  Parents will be informed in advance of the test date of any appropriate access arrangements that will be made for their child. Every effort will be made to ensure that the tests are accessible and fair to all children.


Children that are indisposed on the test day (a medical certificate will be required) or have religious reasons for being unable to attend (proof will be required) will be offered one further date to attend. Notification must be within 12 hours of the tests taking place.

A child may only take the Entrance Tests for admission to Year 7 once.

Part I Results

Once the verbal reasoning papers have been marked these raw scores are converted to an “age-standardised score” based on the child’s age in completed months. This takes into account that some children are very young in the year group and is carried out by the test providers. The candidates are then ranked in order of their marks.

Children ranked below position 325 in the Verbal Reasoning Test will be deemed by the Governors not to be eligible for consideration for admission to the school under the academic criterion and will therefore not be invited to sit Part II of the Entrance Examinations.

Children ranked within the top 325  (325 candidates) in the Verbal Reasoning Test will be invited back to sit Part II of the Entrance tests.  The results will be “age- standardised” and combined with the results from the verbal reasoning test to produce a total combined mark which will then be ranked accordingly. For further information please refer to our Admissions Arrangements.

Part II Results and Ranking

We will write to parents of candidates with a breakdown of marks, the ranked position of the candidate and the lowest ranked position we have been able to offer to in the last few years.  These letters do not constitute an offer of a place at the School but are given for information purposes only and may be helpful to parents when making their child’s school application. Parents who wish to apply for a place at Dame Alice Owen’s School must include it as one of their preferences when making their child’s secondary transfer application via their home Local Authority.

We would appreciate if you could refer to our comprehensive FAQs list before contacting the school with any further queries, as you may find the answer to your question here. This will enable our Admissions Officer and general office staff to deal with priority calls – thank you for your consideration.

Please refer to our Key Dates page for the timetabled dates.  Info below. 
Secondary Transfer Admissions entr September 2022

Please note dates may be subject to change and/or extension depending on the latest advice from the Department for Education and/or Public Health England.  Please keep monitoring this page for the latest updates.


13th  May 2021– Online Registration for Entrance Exams and Music tests opens. The Test Registration Form (TRF) will be available on the admissions section of the school website from this date. NB: Your permanent home address must be within one of our Local Priority Areas by the closing date for test registration, in order for your child to sit our tests. A list of these areas can be found (click here)


17th June 2021 – Closing Date for Test Registration We are unable to accept any test registration requests beyond this date as we are obliged to adhere to the dates published in our Admissions Arrangements.


14th July 2021 – All candidates who registered for our academic and/or Musical Aptitude tests will receive further details via email no later than this date.   If you have not received an email please email the Admissions Department at admissions@damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk– you will need to forward a copy of the automated registration confirmation you would have received on successful registration.  Without this we will be unable to investigate further. 

Wednesday 1st September 2021 – Part I Entrance Examination – Verbal Reasoning and first round of Musical Aptitude Test

Thursday 2nd September 2021 – Additional date if required


Friday 3rd September 2021 – Additional date if required


Wednesday 15th September 2021 – First round Musical Aptitude Test results sent out


Monday 20th September 2021– We aim to email test results for Part I of the Entrance exam (Verbal Reasoning) no later than this date.  The highest ranked 325 candidates will be invited back for Part II (English and Mathematics).  Candidates who ranked below 325 will be advised that they are not being invited to progress to Part II of the tests.  The email will include the mark achieved in the Verbal Reasoning test.   


From 27 September 2021 – Second Round Musical Aptitude Tests (individual tests)


Saturday 25th September 2021 – Part II Entrance Examination – English and Mathematics


Late September/early October – Exact dates to be advised – possible tours of the school during a normal school day


October 26th 2021 We aim to email test results for Part II of the Entrance exam and second round of the Musical Aptitude test no later than this date.  The email will include your child’s ranking and the lowest ranking position that we have been able to offer to in previous years. These letters do not constitute an offer of place in the School but are provided for information purposes only.  We give as much information as possible in this letter and are therefore unable to provide any further guidance on the likelihood of gaining a place.