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Forest School
College Place
E17 3PY

T    020 8509 6560

  • Headmaster: Mr Marcus Cliff Hodges
  • Type: Co-educational Independent day
  • Number of pupils: Approx. 1091
  • Admissions:   Age 4+ (Reception),  Age 11+ (Year 7) and 13+ (Year 9), Sixth Form  16+ (Year 12)
  • Age: Range 4 to 19
  • ISI Report: Forest School ISI Report

Forest School 11 Plus Entry requirements

(from school website)

Candidates should have reached the age of 11 before 1 September in the year of entry.

Forest School offers approximately 140 places for boys and girls at age 11 in September each year. They will join our pupils from the Preparatory School to form eight single-sex classes in Year 7.

Key dates for 11+ September 2022 Entry

11+ Focused Forest Experience Tour
Monday 28 June – Friday 2 July 2021
Open Day
Saturday 18 September 2021 (Book a place)
The Forest Experience Group Tours
September – December 2021
11+ Information Morning
Saturday 9 October 2021
11+ Information Morning
Saturday 20 November 2021
Closing Date for Registrations
Friday 26 November 2021 – 12 Noon
Closing date for Non-Academic Scholarship Application Forms
Friday 3 December 2021 – 12 Noon
11+ Interview (via Microsoft Teams)
Saturday 4 December 2021
11+ Sports Scholarship Assessments
Thursday 9 December 2021 (Boys & Girls)
Closing date for Bursary Application Forms
Friday 10 December 2021 – 12 Noon
11+ Receipt of School Reference Deadline
Friday 10 December – 12 Noon
11+ Entrance Exam
Wednesday 5 January 2022
11+ Music Scholarship Auditions
Monday 10 January – Wednesday 12 January 2022
11+ Academic Scholarship Interviews
w/c Monday 17 January 2022
11+ Shortlisted Sports Scholarship Assessment
Thursday 20 January 2022 (Boys)

 Friday 21 January 2022 (Girls)

11+ Offers Posted
Thursday 17 February 2022
Taster Days for candidates holding offers
Wednesday 23 February and Friday 25 February 2022
Tours offered to candidates holding offers
Wednesday 23 February and Friday 25 February 2022
Deadline for Acceptance of Offer
10am on Monday 7 March 2022

Forest 11+ Entrance Exam Papers

The 11+ Entrance Exam consists of a 1-hour, non-calculator Mathematics paper and an English reading & writing paper, 1 hour and 10 minutes in length.

Forest 11+ Maths Exam

What does the Mathematics Entrance Examination consist of?
A one-hour paper with questions on numerical skills and reasoning.

There is a variety of questions throughout the paper, with harder questions becoming more frequent towards the end.

Questions require a certain amount of arithmetical knowledge such as addition, multiplication and fractions. ere are problems to solve in a variety of contexts, some of which the pupils may not have met before. The more challenging problems will usually involve more logical steps.

Pupils that achieve the higher marks will be those with a sound knowledge of the basic arithmetic techniques and are able to reason accurately through problems. Some of the questions will be in topic areas that are unfamiliar, but there will be information explaining all that you need to know to answer the question.

How to prepare for the exam?

Practise some past papers.

Make sure you understand and can do the arithmetic that is in these papers.

Practise solving puzzles and problems. Puzzle books, newspaper puzzle pages, sudoku for instance, all enable you to practise thinking logically, creatively and in different contexts. Do not limit yourself to one type of problem.

In the exam

Read each question carefully and make sure you understand what is being asked.

Don’t get bogged down on any one problem – leave it out and complete all the questions you can and then, if you have time at the end, return to those that need more thought. In the case of some questions, it will not be immediately obvious what to do. Try to be patient and think about different approaches you might use. If one doesn’t work, try another.

Do show all your working; there will be credit if you have shown a correct method but have made a mistake en route to your final answer. If you don’t show us your steps and we just see a wrong answer, then you will not receive any credit. Make sure your final answer is clear and in the right place

Forest 11 Plus English Exam

What does the English Entrance Examination consist of?

The English Entrance Examination is designed to assess current attainment in reading and writing. It is also designed to assess potential. The English Entrance Examination has two sections. Section A assesses reading and Section B assesses both writing and reading. Candidates will be asked to read one short passage.They will have 10 minutes to familiarise themselves with the passage.

Candidates have 60 minutes to complete two sections, one of which assesses reading and one of which assesses writing. Candidates are advised to spend 35 minutes on reading and 25 minutes on writing.

They will then be asked to write the answers to a series of questions about the passage. The reading questions will assess the candidates’ abilities to:

• Understand the passage

• Understand how vocabulary is used in context

• Interpret layers of meaning

• Locate relevant quotations

• Cross-reference ideas from across the whole passage

• Analyse and evaluate the ways writers use language

Candidates will have a writing task, based on the passage read. There will be one question giving candidates the opportunity to write creatively, either in a short piece of fiction or non-fiction. Candidates will gain marks for:

• Answering the question

• Writing imaginatively

• Organising their work clearly

• Writing in clear sentences and using punctuation accurately

All these skills will have been taught as part of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum.

How do candidates who move forward for scholarship interviews usually distinguish themselves?

Candidates who gain the highest marks in the English Entrance Examination usually show some or all of the following attributes in reading:

• Sensitive and original interpretations of the text

• Precise understanding of how vocabulary is used in context

• An ability to deploy quotations accurately

• Analytical skill when discussing the effects of language

And the following qualities in writing:

• Relevant and imaginative responses to writing tasks

• A sense of flair and originality in writing

• Accurate demarcation of sentences using a range of different sentence structures

• Interesting vocabulary choices, relevant to what they’re writing