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Merchant Taylors  School 11 Plus School Information

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Merchant Taylors School
Sandy Lodge

T    01923 820644

  • Headmaster: Mr Simon Everson
  • Type: Boys Independent day
  • Number of pupils: Approx. 912
  • Admissions:   Age 11+ (Year 7)  13+ (Year 9), Sixth Form (including boarders): 16+ (Year 12)
  • Age: Range 11 to 18
  • ISI Report: Merchant Taylors  School ISI Report

Merchant Taylors  School 11 Plus Exam Information

Registration deadlines & Examination dates

Early registration is advised

11+ Exam: Tuesday 11th January 2022 (Year 6)
Register by 31 October 2021 (Year 6)

All completed Bursary & Subject Scholarship applications must be received by
30th September the year before entry

Bursary Applicants

Boys must first be registered with the school and completed Bursary Forms must be received by 30th September the year before entry.
Please click here for more information on Bursaries.


Practical Scholarship Applications

A number of scholarships are available in Art, Design, Engineering & Technology, Drama, Music and Sport.

Boys must first be registered with the school and completed Subject Scholarship Application Forms must be received by 30th September the year before entry.

Please click here for more information on Scholarships.

Please note, Academic and All-Rounder Scholarships are not applied for and are awarded on the basis of performance in the Entrance Exams; there are no separate Scholarship Exams.

Fee-paying applicants

The final deadline for applications is 31st October the year before entry.

Boys are registered once you have completed the School’s Registration Form, this includes the payment of the £100 registration fee and providing a copy of your son’s birth certificate and passport.

Exam Confirmation

Towards the end of November, we will contact you to confirm you wish for your son to sit the exams and will ask you to send a recent photograph of him. Following confirmation, we will send full details regarding the exams including a Reference Form to give to your son’s current school, along with a pre-paid business reply envelope for the school to send the reference directly back to us. 

Merchant Taylors  School 11 Plus Entrance Exams

The Exams are taken in January of Year 6 and consist of the following subjects:

  • English (1 hour)
  • Mathematics (1 hour)
  • MTS General Paper (1 hour)



Successful candidates in the exams will then be called for interview at Merchant Taylors’ School in late January/early February. Interviews are one to one with a member of staff and last approximately 25 minutes. The interview will assess four areas – communication; intellectual curiosity; reasoning and extra-curricular commitment.


After the interview

In mid-February you will receive either:

  • a letter making your son an offer of a place (including details of Scholarships and Bursary awards if applicable)
  • an offer of a place on our waiting list

Unfortunately, others will be notified that we are unable to make an offer.