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Stockport Grammar School
Buxton Road

T    0161 4569000

  • Headmaster: Dr Paul Owen
  • Type: Co-educational Independent day
  • Number of pupils: Approx. 1033
  • Admissions:   Age 11+ (Year 7) and 13+ (Year 9), Sixth Form (including boarders): 16+ (Year 12)
  • Age: Range 11 to 18
  • ISI Report: Stockport Grammar School ISI Report

Stockport Grammar School 11 Plus Exam Information

(from school website)

The Entrance Exam is taken by every child who applies to join the first year at age 11.

The exam is held at the school in the January before the child’s year of entry.

We look forward to welcoming applicants to the 11+ Entrance Exam for admission to First Year in September 2022. This will take place on Wednesday 12th January 2022 and the closing date for applications is Tuesday 14th December 2021.

Please visit our Senior School admissions page to find out how to apply.

If you have any questions regarding the Entrance Exam, please contact the Admissions Officer Mrs Margaret Connor at or 0161 419 2409

Clothing, equipment and collection

Candidates should wear comfortable, casual clothes – not school uniform.

Parents will receive their child’s exam number, a list of items they need to bring with them and car parking details a few days before the exam.


Applicants take three papers: English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning.


Our Entrance paper in English will consist of two sections – comprehension and creative writing.


  • Pupils will be provided with an unseen passage
  • Pupils will then have to answer 40 multiple choice questions that test their ability to:
    • Understand the events of the passage
    • Make accurate inferences based on what they have read
    • Define certain words from the passage based on their context within it
    • Identify the grammatical function of certain words from the passage, based on how they are operating
    • Appreciate the way that characters have been depicted within the passage.
  • This should take 30 minutes
  • Pupils should attempt every question.

Creative Writing

  • Pupils will be provided with a choice between two writing tasks:
    • One task will provide them with an image and ask them to write a description or a story suggested by it
    • The other will provide them with an opening line and ask them to write a story or a description that begins with it.
  • This should take 30 minutes.
  • Pupils should aim to write three developed paragraphs and spend the last five minutes, at least, proof reading their work as carefully as possible.


  • 60 minutes

The mathematics exam tests present knowledge and potential for future mathematical development.


The syllabus is that of national curriculum mathematics key stage two. No knowledge beyond this is assumed.

Metric units will be used with their standard abbreviations:

  • length (mm, cm, m, km)
  • area (cm², m² etc)
  • volume (m³ etc)
  • capacity (cm³, ml, l)
  • mass (mg, g, tonne)
  • currency (£, pence)

Any use of imperial or foreign units will be fully explained.


All questions are to be attempted, in any order. Space is given on the paper for working and answers. Credit is given for correct working even if the final answer is missing or wrong.

The first page of the exam tests arithmetic. The exam continues with other parts of the syllabus. Later questions require the candidate to understand and think beyond their normal mathematical experience (but without any knowledge beyond key stage two mathematics).

Verbal reasoning

  • 50 minutes

Candidates are asked to attempt general knowledge questions and answer questions based on the information that is given.

Sample papers

A complete 11+ entrance exam paper is available to download, in order to give your child some familiarity with the style of paper which he/she will see on 13th January 2021.

Download the English entrance exam paper and answers (pdf)

Download the Maths entrance exam paper (pdf)

Download the Maths entrance exam answers (pdf)

Download the VR entrance exam paper (pdf)

Download the VR entrance exam answers (pdf)